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Wheel of Fortune is an attractive solution for recruiting new members, an opportunity to increase the visitor’s attendance, and rewarding customer loyalty.
  • An attractive solution for recruiting new members, added value for regular clients, opportunity to increase the visitor’s attendance, and rewarding customer loyalty.
  • It can be used in different industries like retail, casinos, hospitality, entertainment, etc
  • Various options to participate in a marketing campaign: with a membership card, bar code, QR code on the bill, or RFID card.
  • Up to three independent marketing campaigns can run on the same screen, with different rules, different prizes and different graphics.
  • The bar code required for participating in the Wheel of Fortune game in retail can be issued with the bill, when certain conditions are met (eg. purchase above a certain value). Tickets with bar codes can be generated also by CRM (player tracking) system in casinos or other venues.
  • The duration of the marketing campaign, the probability of winnings, and the number of rewards are adjustable within the marketing campaign and its goals.
  • Contents displayed on the Wheel of Fortune are completely adjustable based on a marketing campaign.
  • A part of the touchscreen display is reserved for promotional and marketing messages.
  • In addition to messages, you can also display news, weather, or sports results. This makes the touchscreen more appealing to customers.
  • Upon winning the prize, the customer receives a coupon that can be used to claim the reward at the cage, bar, info point,…
  • Full control over the costs of a marketing campaign. The number and structure of rewards during it can be exactly specified.
  • Quick and simple updating and editing of new or existing marketing campaigns.
  • Simple editing of marketing and promotional messages.
  • Daily statistical reports of a marketing campaign are generated automatically and sent to the e-mail.

After the big success of Wheel of Fortune (La Ruota Della Fortuna) in different casinos and retail we expanded it with a new functionality. With MULTI version up to three independent marketing campaigns can run on the same screen, with different rules, different prizes and different graphics. 

On top of it, there is also a LIGHT version for customers with a lower budget who don’t need the complete advertising functionality of G-Digital.

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Wheel of Fortune

Full control of marketing campaign
Multiple wheel activation options: bar code, QR code, RFID code
Horizontal orientation option
Vertical orientation option
Dual language
Automatic spin option
Touchscreen spin option
Customizable wheel graphics
Customizable background graphics
Customizable pointer graphics
Custumizable single advertising image
Customizable single winning animation
Customizable screensaver graphics
Manage campaign length (number of spins)
Manage number and type of rewards within the cycle
Sending daily reports
Manage contents and addresses to send daily reports
Manage content printed on the coupons
Wheel of Fortune activation codes filter settings
Activation codes reset: never, daily, monthly, at cycle length
Can be connected to any size of display with resolution 1920×1080, horizontal or vertical oriented
Includes mini PC with G-Digital WOF software module, bar code and QR code scanner, RFID scanner, thermal printer, HDMI cable
Progressive Jackpot
Remote support Optional
Upgrade to FULL version (anytime by buying upgrade software modules)
Account on G-Digital server
G-Digital Manager software module
G-Digital Player software module
Multiple advertising content management
Multiple winning animation content management
Advertising on extended screen option
Managing content for multiple wheels of fortune from a single point
Option to expand the system with additional G-Digital Player modules
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