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Digital Signage in Retail

  • G-Digital technology allows you to create flashy, eye-catching displays tailored to your unique audience in retail
  • Inform about events and special offers
  • Digital signs can display a far greater variety of content than paper, allowing you to convey a strong, consistent brand message to shoppers
  • Instead of waiting for your customers to happen upon a particular item, you can effectively merchandise and cross-merchandise throughout your store
  • You can efficiently promote your brand(s), special offers, …
  • Drive traffic into the store
  • Save money by eliminating printing and distribution costs
  • Engage Customers (Intel conducted a three-month study that showed digital signs captured 400% more views than static signs)
  • Digital signage can drive impulse buys: 19 percent of consumers claim to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products they’ve seen advertised digitally
  • Over 70% of the purchase decisions made in stores are made AFTER the shopper enters the store!
  • 60% of the items purchased were not planned prior to entering the store!
  • 59% of stores shoppers visit all or most of the aisles during their visit that on the average lasts 54 minutes.
  • 42% of brand purchases are made when there is at least one piece of P-O-P (Point of Purchase) present for that brand.
  • A whopping 99% of stores shoppers make at least one purchase off of P-O-P.
  • 67% of consumers who buy an item being promoted by P-O-P claim the display influenced their buying decision.

Wheel of Fortune

  • An attractive solution in retail, shopping centers, social events, shopping chains, catering chains,…
  • Various options to participate in a marketing campaign: with a membership card, bar code, QR code on the bill or RFID card
  • The bar code required for participating in Wheel of Fortune game can be issued with the bill, when certain conditions are met (eg. purchase above a certain value)
  • Attractive solution for recruiting new members, added value for regular clients, opportunity to increase the visitor’s attendance and rewarding customer loyalty
  • Contents displayed on the Wheel of Fortune are completely adjustable based on a marketing campaign
  • In addition to messages, you can also display news, weather or sports results. This makes touchscreen more appealing to customers
  • Upon winning the prize, the customer receives a coupon that can be used to claim the reward at the cage, bar, info point,…
  • A part of the touchscreen display is reserved for promotional and marketing messages
  • The duration of the marketing campaign, the probability of winnings and the number of rewards are adjustable within the marketing campaign and its goals
  • Full control over the costs of a marketing campaign. The number and structure of rewards during it can be exactly specified
  • Quick and simple updating and editing of new or existing marketing campaigns
  • Simple editing of marketing and promotional messages
  • Daily statistical reports of a marketing campaign are generated automatically and sent to the e-mail
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