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  • Do you have many digital home photos and videos?
    • Most of us do.
  • Do you have a chance (time) to watch them?
    • Some of us do, most of us don’t.


With G-Digital you can use Digital Signage to display all your favorite photos and videos as well as RSS news, the weather forecast, and many more on a screen in your living room. They will be there for you all day long every day. This way you can watch them anytime you are in your living room, drinking wine, watching TV, talking, passing through.

This way your most beautiful memories will not remain in some forgotten folders on your laptop or phone, but they will be there all the time. Besides photos and videos, you can show any other information of your interest: clock, weather forecast, RSS news, etc. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to sit down with your family and watch your photos and videos. They can just run on your screen non-stop and your most beautiful memories are there with you all the time.

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