• Stand alone or Cloud configuration
  • User friendly and versatile
  • Flexible and customizable, adjustable, vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Has outstanding price/performance ratio and ROI in its category
  • Easy creating and modifying  Layouts (Regions)
  • Upload any type of Media
  • Supports most of media formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, MPEG, AVI, WMV, SWF,  MP3, MP4, 3GP, MOV, MKV, streaming from different sources, …)
  • Simple,powerful Scheduling (including events Triggering)
  • Smooth Data Integration
  • Central and/or Local control
  • Extensive hardware support
  • Runs on MS Windows 7 and higher (MS Windows 10 including)
  • Monitoring and extensive reporting (per each node participated in DOOH network)
  • Highly integrated analytics and statistics of content displayed
  • IoT (Internet of Things) ready
  • Dynamic content can pull data from different sources:  Databases, Internet (html, xml, rss), FTP, Files
network of displays g-digital
g-digital content managemment system

G-Digital Manager software module

Edit, schedule and manage your content and deploy it to one or workgroup of  players

G-Digital Manager application is primary window into controlling, managing and monitoring activities of your G-Digital network.

G-Digital Manager can be used to:

  • Import and manage content
  • Create Screen Views and playlists
  • Schedule content for playback
  • Configure and manage players connected to your network
  • Create and populate dynamic datatables to provide rich data sources for content templates
  • Remotely configure and monitor many aspects of your network including status, bandwidth usage, play history, etc
  • Create reports (logs, statistics of content displayed)

G-Digital Server software module

G-Digital Server is central repository for all content and data related to the G-Digital network.It’s also basic node for communication between all modules connected to the G-Digital network.

computer network

G-Digital Player software module

Playback software module

G-Digital Player is a software module installed on a computer that displays scheduled G-Digital content on one or more connected display devices

  • Players must connect to the G-Digital Server to download content and receive schedules for playback
  • No blank screen! - if your network connection goes down, player keeps playing using store and forward technology
  • Stable, reliable playback 24/7. Ability to update on-air without interruption
  • Event log for ad billing and error tracking
  • Real-time data insertion for news, weather, etc.
  • Player will only download changes, not the entire content
  • Communicates with G-Digital Server to track Player health and log events for ad billing or other reporting
  • Native support for many widescreen displays
  • Player licensing options are available for a wide variety of hardware from the very basic to the most advanced