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Frequently Asked Questions about G-Digital products

What are the benefits of digital signage?

Digital signage is a natural choice for reaching large audiences. It’s better than email, printed posters, and bulletin boards because you can deliver breaking news in real-time, change what’s on the screen throughout the day, show multiple things on a screen at once and save money by eliminating design, printing, and distribution costs.

Why should we use digital signage?

Traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective. Digital signage captures the attention of current and potential customers and provides them with valuable, engaging content. This enables you to effectively communicate with them. Digital signage is flexible, easy to use and more cost-effective in the long term.

What is the configuration of the G-Digital SW suite?

G-Digital SW suite contains three SW modules:

  • G-Digital Server SW module (further server)

  • G-Digital Manager SW module (further manager)

  • G-Digital Player SW module (further player)

How do I set up G-Digital SW modules?

The installation is simple and can be done through remote control by our support.

What is the function of each G-Digital SW module?

A more detailed explanation of each SW module you can find here:

What are the requirements for using G-Digital software modules?

PC with Windows OS, internet connection and display (monitor, tv).

What are the required specs for player display?

There are no limitations regarding the resolution or other specifications. The only requirement is port (HDMI, DISPLAY,…) for connection with PC.

Does G-Digital software work without server running?

If the server is down for maintenance or some other reason then the manager will not work. The Player will still work and continue to display the last sent content from the server before it went off because every data is also saved locally on the player pc.

Does G-Digital software license last forever?

Depending on your purchase it can last forever or until the specified date.

Do I need a G-Digital server?

Yes. You can either have your own server or have an account created within our cloud G-Digital server.

How do I connect G-Digital manager, server and player?

In manager menu and player popup window, trough server IP, server ports and application ID.

How do I activate the license?

You send us the registration code that shows up when running the G-Digital module for the first time. We will then provide you with an activation code.

How do I check how many players are activated?

You can check the number of licensed players in the manager under the tab “Help”.

Is the number of players and managers limited?

Theoretically, you can have an indefinite number of players and managers, depending on how many you purchased.

Does G-Digital software work on androids?

Not yet, but we are currently working on it.

What is screenview?

Screenview is a scenario of what players will be displaying. You can manage screenviews in the manager and send them to one or multiple players at once.

What is the content?

Content is everything you upload on server trough manager and then manage it on screenviews. It can be pictures, videos, websites,…

Which video and picture formats does G-Digital software support?

It supports most of the media formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP3, MP4, 3GP, MOV, MKV,…).

Are screenview regions limited in any way?

No, there is no limit to the number of regions or content within them. You are only limited by the chosen screenview resolution.

How do I add content?

By clicking the “Add files” button in the main menu and then selecting one or more files from your computer.

Can you specify exactly when certain content will stop or start displaying?

Yes, you can manage content in the main menu by right-clicking content and set the activation and expiration date. This way the content is automatically removed from the screenview when it expires (the marketing campaign is finished).

How do I specify content durations in screenviews?

You can set it up under the “Play” tab in screenview menu.

How can I find content faster from the main menu?

By default you can quickly sort them by clicking on default groups: Picture, Video, Flash, Web, Text or you can make your own groups (filters) and add content to them.

Can I create and manage text in the manager?

Yes, there are a lot of options available when it comes to text setup.

Can I add text to pictures?

Yes. If you double click on the picture in the main menu and go under advanced you can start adding text and manage them.

How do I check which screenview is currently playing?

You can check this by clicking on “Player” in the main menu and see all connected player and what they are currently displaying.

How can I pick a player to display my screenview?

All activated players will be automatically shown under the “Players” tab in screenview menu.

Can I trigger content to show up?

Yes, you can set this up under the “Play” tab in screenview menu. Double-clicking the added content will open up a menu where you can select “Triggered”. You can trigger content from other content, database, text index or javascript.

How often do you release software updates?

We release 3-4 major updates per year.

I have multiple players and managers. How can I update all software modules at once?

You can add updates under “Settings – software updates”. The players will then automatically start updating when connected with the server. The manager will show a pop-up message upon starting where you can choose to update. The server will get updated automatically when the update is added.

Why does the player save content locally?

Internet access can be unstable. Saving locally ensures player keeps working and displaying screenview even when there is no internet connection.

Can I check how many times certain content played?

Yes. When you right-click content in the main menu and open up “Reports”, you will be presented with various statistics.

What else can I do with screenviews?

You can export/import them, edit, copy, delete or send them to players.

How can I move a certain region in front of the others?

You can right-click on it and select “Bring to front”. The same can be done by right-clicking other regions and selecting “Send to back”.

Can a player extend over multiple monitors?

Yes, you can type region coordinates manually. For example, you have two FullHD players (1920×1080) using an extended screen. You can then specify screenview resolution to be 3840×1080 or keep FullHD and put regions on the second player manually by typing coordinates from 1920 onward.

Can the same screenview be played on multiple players?

Yes, you simply add more players under the “Players” tab in the screenview menu. When you send screenview to players it will send it to all selected players.

How can I check what exactly is being played on my players without physically seeing the display?

You can go under the “Players” tab in the main menu and double-click on the player you want to check. There you have the option of getting the printscreen of the player.

How do you schedule content?

If you go in the screenview menu and under the play tab you can right-click any content added there and manage its schedule.

How do I specify the playing order of the content in a certain region?

If you go in the screenview menu and under the play tab you can see the option at the bottom. You can play the content in order (like you see it displayed above), shuffled or shuffled with equal frequency. Also, there is the option to manually decide the order of content by right-clicking content and moving it up and down.

Do you support RSS news?

Yes, you can set up RSS within the dynamic data tab in the main menu.

Can I see which players are connected to the server?

Yes. You can see all players under the “Player” tab in the main menu. Active players are marked green while non-active players are marked red.

Can I see if there is an error on the player?

Yes. All errors will are specified next to the players in the “Player” tab.

Can I group players?

Yes. Player grouping works the same way as content and screenview groups.

Can I pull data from external sources?

Yes, You can pull data from various databases, websites, FTP, files,… All this can be managed under dynamic data and used in screenviews.

Do you offer support?

Yes. You can always email us at

Send us a question and we will be happy to answer you.

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