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Make use of digital signage for education to keep students up to date with changes to class schedules, cancellations, and other important information.


  • Digital Signage can be used in education to keep students up to date with changes about class schedules, cancellations, and other important class-related information.
  • Display news, details of campus events, activities, and increase awareness of future events planned at your school.
  • Automatically display news headlines from your favorite RSS news channel.
  • The first opportunity to make an engagement with employees, parents, and students is the school entrance. Engage with everyone that comes to the school by creating custom welcome messages or just display the most important news of the day, week, or month.


Make sure that everyone finds the place they are looking for, with screens that show the school map, when school organizes open days. Digital Signage can provide wayfinding and maps that help students, parents, and other visitors directly to the place they are looking for.


Save time and reduce costs of paper menus in the school cafeteria, which have to be printed out every day or week. You can create simple and eye-catching menus with Digital Signage and change it any time you want, very easily and quickly.


  • According to the latest studies, nearly 70% of colleges in America use Digital Signage on their campus.
  • Show to the potential students, their parents, and other schools who you are competing against, that you are a digital and modern school.
  • G-Digital system is so easy to use, that almost everyone can be trained to use it daily. That way the IT department has no work with it at all and the staff that is trained to use Digital Signage can take care of hundreds of screens on their own. Changes on the screen can be made when needed and the staff can also choose when to power up the screens and when to shut them down.