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  • There is no industry with greater potential to benefit from Digital Signage than restaurants and hotels. The expected increase in sales when starting to use Digital Signage is 5% and an average ROI for just one Digital Signage screen is less than a year.
  • Display vibrant, dynamic menus and daily specials. Schedule the menu based on the time of the day and inform about special offers.
  • One of the most important things about food is, how it is presented. Generally looking, customers are happier if something looks great on the plate. With a digital menu, you can make dishes look more appetizing and at the same time increase efficiency and sales.
  • Display nutritional information (increasingly required by law) about certain dishes that you offer on the menus.
  • Using Digital Signage will save you money by eliminating printing and design costs, that your restaurant/hotel has every year or even more often if you are making changes more regular.


  • Make your guests feel special, by creating custom welcome messages
  • Schedule the right information at the right time and engage customers with tickets & alerts.
  • Digital Signage display at your reception desk is great to tell your clients, how was your customer’s previous experience at your place and how happy they were with your services. You can also display special exclusive offers and discounts that you are currently offering to your customers.
  • Improve branding.
  • Update content for different locations simultaneously.
  • Earn revenue from advertising partners by displaying ads on the digital signs.
  • Provide entertainment for your customers as they await service in the lobby.
  • Advertise restaurants, spa services, and loyalty programs.
  • Automate event calendars for hotels with meeting and conference centers.
  • Create a social media wall in your lobby area and use generated content from your social media channels. The easiest way to engage with your customers is through social media channels.
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