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Improve branding and make guests feel welcome by displaying special welcome notices for important clients, corporate visitors, and honorary guests.


  • Make guests feel welcome by displaying special welcome notices (for important clients, corporate visitors, government representatives, and honorary guests).
  • Improve brand awareness.
  • Use Digital Signage in breakrooms to keep employees entertained between pauses and breaks in break rooms, factory lines, lunchrooms, etc.
  • According to a communication strategy with successful information sharing, customized to fit your corporate brand and style you can motivate the employees.
  • By offering content such as HR information, employee recognition, production line, sales statistics and wins you can generate enthusiasm and team energy.
  • Display live feeds of important information such as news, financial reports, and emergency information.
  • Share important information such as new hires, company policies and updates, safety, and health tips.
  • Improve the productivity of your team with dynamic presentations of monthly, quarterly, or yearly objectives, overall strategy, plans, reports, etc.
  • Digital Signage can also be used in the workplace environment to provide real-time emergency messages for employees, visual reminders, and cues for hygiene and sanitary practices (handwashing, wayfinding, safety areas, first aid, medical kits, existing points, etc.).
  • Engage with customers in waiting rooms to inform them about your products, services and display some other information, like news, weather, etc.
  • Video walls in your corporation are a great way to engage employees and clients. They attract a lot of attention and can display a variety of different contents (images, videos, RSS news, weather reports, etc.). Because of the size and brightness of video walls, they are hard to ignore for visitors and guests, therefore they can reduce waiting time and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Boost productivity by 25% and help your teams achieve goals.
  • If an employees’ performance is recognized publicly, it can boost team performance and motivation. Use Digital Signage to inspire others.
  • Go digital – reduce costs and save the environment.
  • You can reduce injuries in working place by 20%, by displaying reminders about health and safety protocols.
  • Use images and videos to engage with employees and that way increase their interest in the topic up to 59%.
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