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G-Digital is a company based in Kobarid, Slovenia. Due to the content of products, the nature of work, and the possibility of cooperating with the best talents in our rather specific business, the company has been organized from the very beginning as the core and key employees are in Kobarid, and most of the co-workers are external. Currently, the company has 3 full-time employees and between 8 and 10 permanent external collaborators, mainly in the field of development and testing of new products.

We sell most of our sales through distributors in many countries and regions around the world.

In the first years after the establishment, we worked with some multinationals (Mikohn, Progressive Gaming, Shuffle Master, Scientific Games, Coolsign, Planar) in various roles: as a distributor, reseller, development partner, service provider, etc. We are still actively cooperating with some (Playtech, Intelligent Gaming).

Since 2008, we have been developing our software under the G-Digital brand. During this time we have developed one of the best and most stable Digital Signage platforms that can be used in a wide variety of activities (advertising, public information, retail, education, hospitality and tourism, gaming, transportation, banking, industry 4.0, etc.)

The basic G-Digital software is very flexible, so it can be customized with different settings in such different areas of application.

Our latest product is the Online Wheel of Fortune. This product is a powerful interactive marketing tool, with the help of which the organizer of the marketing campaign attractively and easily stimulates visits to your store, branch, casino, etc.

We can tailor the marketing campaign to each user individually according to their goals and requirements.

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